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Get an Amazing Tan


An Amazing Tan is more than just a tan... it's a state of mind.  It's looking and feeling your best and loving who you are inside and out...  Look and Feel Amazing!

Sun Therapy

​There is something about a beautiful day that elevates your mood, relaxes your mind and energizes your body.  At Amazing Tan, we call this Sun Therapy.

Did you know...

​-The body's main source (80-100%) of Vitamin D is UV light from the sun?

-The brain produces more of the mood lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days than cloudy days.

-Indoor tanning provides a level of control that cannot be obtained outdoors.

-You are 80% less likely to sunburn outdoors if you've already built up a base tan indoors.

Experts in Tanning

​At Amazing Tan, we will always provide information to help you make intelligent decisions involving sun therapy.  Our Smart Tan Certified Staff will always provide you with the best education and guidance to ensure you receive a safe and enjoyable experience each and every visit. 

 Happy Tanning!

From all of us at Amazing Tan

Look and Feel Amazing
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