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     Looking for instant results without UV light?  Then spray tanning is just what you are looking for!  Our Pura Spa is the most advanced spray booth available.

​     Pura gives fully customized results, allowing you to choose the tint and darkness for an application that looks natural on all skin types.  During the spray session, a fine mist is applied evenly over the body, while excellent ventilation and heating provide a truly enjoyable experience.  The entire process is fast, flawless and easy, leaving you with a tan that everyone will admire.  Results last 5-8 days or longer.​

Steps to take before using the Pura Spa:

​-Always shower, shave and exfoliate before coming in.  

-Never apply moisturizers or body lotions before using the Pura Spa.

​-Remove all makeup before starting your spray session.​

​​Steps to take after using the Pura Spa:

-Always wait 4-6 hours before showering.

-Avoid contact with chlorinated water, as this greatly reduces the life of your tan.

Spray Tanning

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