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     Looking for the very best in sunless?  Then our VersaPro Spray Booth is just what you are looking for!  VersaPro gives fully customizable results, allowing you to choose the tint and darkness for an application that looks amazing on all skin types.  During the spray session, a fine mist is applied evenly over the body, while excellent ventilation and heating provide a truly enjoyable experience.  The entire process is fast, flawless and easy, leaving you with a tan that everyone will admire.  Results last 7-10 days.​

Steps to take before using the Versa Spa Pro:

​-Always shower, shave and exfoliate before coming in.  

-Never apply moisturizers or body lotions before using the Versa Spa.

​-Remove all makeup before starting your spray session.​

​​Steps to take after using the Versa Spa Pro:

-Always wait 4-6 hours before showering.

-Avoid contact with chlorinated water, as this greatly reduces the life of your tan.

Video Tutorial

Spray Tanning

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